What is CFS certification?

Certificate of Free Sale in English is a Certificate of Free Sale (abbreviated as CFS) which is a certificate issued by a competent state agency of the exporting country to an exporter of the products and goods listed in the CFS for export purposes. certify that the products or goods are manufactured and are allowed to circulate freely in the exporting country.

CFS includes certificates that are specific to or carry the full content of the CFS and certificates of similar content.

The need for a certificate of free sale CFS

The certificate of free sale is considered as proof that the quality of manufactured goods and products has been tested and evaluated by specialized agencies. From there, the importing country will grasp the quality of imported products, and at the same time, exporting enterprises will be able to easily circulate to other countries without losing much time, saving costs…

– CFS certificate is a required document to apply for a license to announce product quality standards for some special imported foods: cosmetics, functional foods, etc.

Authority to administer and issue CFS

CFS management agency is a state agency competent to manage CFSs of imported products and goods and to issue CFSs of products and exports of ministries and branches for specific regulated items. as follows:

1. Ministry of Health:

Functional foods, food fortified with micronutrients, food supplements, food additives, drinking water, domestic water, natural mineral water; cigarettes; chemicals, insecticidal and germicidal preparations used in household and medical fields;
Medicines, cosmetics;
Medical equipment.

2. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development:

Plant varieties and livestock breeds; agricultural products, forest products, aquatic products, salt; cattle, poultry, livestock;
Agricultural, forestry and fishery supplies; fertilizer; feed, raw materials for production of animal feed;
Products in farming, harvesting, processing, preserving and transporting agricultural products, forest products, aquatic products, salt;
Additives, chemicals used in agriculture, forestry and fishery; plant and animal protection drugs;
Fishing gear, equipment that requires strict safety requirements in the seafood industry.

3. Ministry of Transport:

Vehicles, vehicles, equipment for loading and unloading, specialized construction in transportation (except means for defense and security purposes and fishing vessels) and technical equipment and equipment specialized in transportation.

4. Ministry of Construction:

Building materials.

5. Ministry of Industry and Trade:

Chemicals, industrial explosives;
Machines and equipment subject to strict requirements on occupational safety within the scope of state management of the Ministry;
Products of consumer industry, food industry and other processing industry as prescribed by law.
Other products and goods not under the management of the ministries and agencies mentioned in this Appendix.

6. Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs:

Machines, equipment and supplies subject to strict requirements on occupational safety; personal protective equipment for employees;
Specific products on occupational safety as prescribed by law.

7. Ministry of Information and Communications:

Press products; publish; postal and delivery;
Telecommunications equipment;
Products, postal, telecommunications, electronics and information technology;
Radio transmitters and receivers.

8. Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment:

Natural resources;

9. Ministry of Education and Training:

Textbooks, textbooks, teacher manuals;
Teaching equipment and toys for children in the field of education and training fall under the Ministry’s state management in accordance with law.

10. Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism:

Cultural, literary and artistic publications;
Equipment for practice and competition of physical training and sports facilities and sports.

11. State Bank of Vietnam:

Specialized equipment for banks.

12. Ministry of National Defense:

Military vehicles and equipment, weapons and ammunition, products in service of national defense, and defense works are not subject to state secrets.

13. Ministry of Public Security:

Fire prevention and fighting equipment, technical equipment, weapons, weapons, explosives, supporting tools and other products used for the people’s police force that are not subject to secret nation.

14. Ministry of Science and Technology:

Nuclear radiation safety equipment; means, measuring instruments and other products and goods, except for the products mentioned in Clauses 1 to 13 and products and goods in the fields of national defense, security and secrets.
Information available on CFS

1. CFS is valid for two (02) years from the date of issue.

2. The CFS must be made on white paper, A4 size, in English and include the following minimum information:

Name of agency issuing CFS;
CFS reference number;
The date of issue of the CFS;
Names of products and goods for which CFS is granted;
Type or group of products and goods for which CFS is granted;
Name and address of the manufacturer;
The CFS must clearly state that the product is